Quad Cities Archaeological Society

The Quad Cities Archaeological Society is a chapter of the IAAA, founded to unite all persons interested in the archaeology of Illinois – amateurs, professionals, students, and educators. The purposes of the association are preserving prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, information, and artifacts; encouraging and participating in scientific investigations and research; and fostering constructive public and governmental attitudes toward the archaeology of the State of Illinois and contiguous regions. The association and its members are opposed to the destruction, unauthorized excavation, or looting of archaeological sites and actively discourage commercialism in archaeological artifacts. We do not regularly meet in December, June, July and August.

For more information, contact IAAA President Addison Kimmel: addison.kimmel.rrc@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Quad Cities Archaeological Society”

  1. Gerald Podraza

    Attended meeting at Augustana College. Roch Island, 4/27/24.

    Heard nice presentation from Ferrel Anderson.

    Talked with him about presentation in Galena, collection of ceramic artifacts from area around Hanover.

    Would like to talk soon, 815-859-5598, schedule presentation in conjunction with event occuring in Galena related to production of ceramic pieces using locally harvested native clay.

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