IAAA Permanent Fund

Providing Support for Illinois Archaeology

On April 15, 2000, the Illinois Association for Advancement of Archaeology (IAAA) established the IAAA PERMANENT FUND, a new fund for the association. The PERMANENT FUND was developed to assist in preserving and developing the rich prehistoric and historic archaeological heritage of Illinois through the awarding of monetary grants for avocational and professional archaeological projects conducted within the State of Illinois. The PERMANENT FUND is operated by a Board of Trustees, consisting of four elected IAAA members and one appointed member of the IAAA Board of Directors.

Grant applications are reviewed and selected by the PERMANENT FUND Board of Trustees and grants are awarded following approval by the IAAA Board of Directors.

The PERMANENT FUND currently consists of two fund accounts and monies in each account are used in different ways to provide grant funding. The initial and main funding arm of the PERMANENT FUND is the Endowment Fund. Only interest and dividends generated from conservative financial venues from this fund may be used to support yearly grants. The Current Year Grant Fund was initiated in 2013 and differs from the Endowment Fund in that any or all donations to the Current Year Grant Fund may be used to assist in funding yearly grants. Donors may direct their donation to the fund of their choice. Individuals donating at least $400 to the Current Year Grant Fund will have the option of naming a yearly grant as a memorial tribute. Interested parties now have a vehicle to donate gifts, memorials, endowments, bequests and similar contributions to either fund, knowing that these monies will be used to benefit Illinois Archaeology.

The PERMANENT FUND has been a successful venture. Grants were first awarded in 2004 and as of 2023, a total of 52 grants ($19,222) have been awarded for various projects distributed throughout the state.  RECIPIENTS must be:  Individuals, companies, or public entities engaged in professional or avocational projects or programs related to archaeology. The IAAA Permanent Fund seeks to distribute grant funds to a wide range of individuals and projects. Prior recipients must wait one year after their grant year before re-applying for another grant. 


  • Take place in the state of Illinois. 

  • If possible, involve substantial avocational participation and/or IAAA Chapter participation.

  • Be completed within 24 months.

  • Support any of the following archaeological projects or programs: 

    • Archaeological field schools. 

    • Scientifically conducted archaeological literature research surveys. 

    • Surveys of archaeological sites and collections including curation. 

    • Funding for various types of scientific dating procedures. 

    • Outstanding archaeological projects generated by IAAA Chapters. 

    • Photographic projects involving important private artifact collections. 

    • Financial support to organizations that procure and protect endangered prehistoric and historic period site properties in Illinois. 

    • Site excavation project assistance beyond the scope of their funding, i.e. dendrochronology, fauna and floral analysis, anthropological analysis, site excavation equipment, photographic equipment, film, photo processing, and laboratory equipment. 

    • Projects involving the public awareness of Illinois archaeology preservation, i.e., Web site promotions, public displays and adult and youth education programs geared toward archaeological awareness and heritage preservation. 

    • Other programs and projects deemed worthy by the IAAAPF Trustees and the IAAA Board.


  • Each applicant must complete the IAAAPF application form.


  • Submit a written report (within two years of grant award) for submission to Illinois Antiquity detailing the grant project or program and how the grant money was used. 

  • Supply receipts to the IAAAPF Chair to document grant expenditures.

  • Agree to mention IAAAPF grant assistance in all reports on the project or program. 


  • Provide illustrated presentations of grant activity in the context of the project or program. 

  • Make presentations to the IAAA board meeting and/or Chapter meetings.

The PERMANENT FUND is a federal income tax exempt, public charity organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations therefore are tax deductible and can be included in estate planning. All who are interested and concerned about Illinois heritage preservation can participate in funding this organization with the knowledge that donations are going to worthy causes.
Please explore your own situation; whether you are an IAAA member or Chapter, a professional archaeologist, or a friend and supporter of Illinois Archaeology. By supporting the PERMANENT FUND, you can be assured that you are supporting investigations that seek to better understand and preserve Illinois’ rich archaeological heritage.

If you plan to contribute through a direct gift, donation, etc., make your check payable to IAAA Permanent Fund, specify which fund to direct your donation to, and send it to IAAA Permanent Fund Treasurer at the address listed below.
For questions concerning the IAAA Permanent Fund, contact the IAAA Permanent Fund Chair at the address shown below.
Click here to download a copy of the Permanent Fund Brochure (This link requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to obtain a free copy of Acrobat Reader.)

Trustees of IAAA Permanent Fund

Douglas K. Jackson (2021–2025)
602 South Adams St
Philo, IL 61864

Mohan Tracy (2023–2025)
2805 Wedgewood Dr.
Champaign, IL 61822

Clare Tolmie (Secretary 2023–2027) oldfirm@ntsource.com
Jay Martinez (2023–2027) jmartinez.mars@gmail.com
Carolyn J. Stephens (2022–2025) (IAAA Board Representative) carolynjstephens@yahoo.com
Your Support is Needed to Preserve Illinois Heritage!

Past Permanent Fund Winners